What is the Secret Santa Project?

What is The Secret Santa Project?


The Secret Santa Project is where we help families in need for  The Holidays..

It was born out of desire to give back to the community and feel in

a gap in our community by The Crazy Cupcake.

We provide a Dinner, Gifts, Blessing Bag, and have a Party for the children of the Families.

We help families in all 5 surrounding counties, and we are not income or age based.

What does that mean?

  • It means the 19 year old boy with Downs Syndrome can still get the toys he wished from Santa.
  • It means the Single Mom in college with a 14 year old can still have Christmas for him.
  • It means the grandparents raising grand-kids on there Social Security Checks, but make too much for assistance, can still have Christmas for the grand-kids.
  • It means the family who looks like they make plenty of money, but they spend it all on trips to  Specialists for their sick child, can still have Christmas.

Some of  our families come from agencies like

Solutions Source, or Interfaith Hospitality Network.

Our Families are asked to write a story explaining why they need help this Christmas. Our supporters are then

allowed to read these stories, and pick the family they like to help. We hope this explains

just a little more about what we do..

And here are a few Thank you’s from families in the past…

Thank you so much for everything you all done for us and everyone else. Ya’ll made it possible so that no kid left without a gift of any kind. From anywhere of having food or toys or to clothes and a stocking bag. Thanks for the snacks and a Santa being there. My kids enjoyed it.


Our family would be very grateful to have this Thanksgiving meal.  We have experienced a very bad 6 months.  We have always been able to provide what our family needs, and most of the “wants” for our children.  This is the first year my son has started a new school year without us shopping for new clothes/shoes/school supplies..we were not able to even buy him a new backpack. I never thought we would be in the position we have been in.  It is a terrible feeling not knowing what you are going to feed your family from one day to the next, and we have experienced this way to much lately.  Up until this year, we have always had a normal average life of being able to provide and live “comfortable”.  Thanksgiving is my daughter’s favorite holiday..she starts talking about the turkey and stuff long before Halloween..she has always loved the smell of the food cooking and us gathered together in the kitchen.  It would be wonderful to be able to provide her with that this year.  We would like to be able to know our children will have a wonderful dinner on the table..Thank you!


Hello. I just wanted to thank you guys so much for your help in providing my children with Christmas gifts.  We were so pleased and thankful for the help. We had a great time tonight.  You guys did a wonderful job putting together the party and we loved every minute of it. 

Thank you so much! This is an amazing blessing, and I am so grateful for all you guys do!

Thank you so much!!! You have just made our holiday, Bless you all!  You really did make our Thanksgiving wish come true!

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